How to Draw On Eyebrows Naturally With Just a Pencil!

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Did you know that your eyebrows are the most important feature on your face? That’s right, more important than your eyes or nose. Eyebrows frame your eyes and give them a focal point. The absence of them is called “eyebrowless” and can be as unsettling as it sounds. Dark, well-groomed eyebrows add character to your face, help you look younger, and show how much attention you pay to details. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with those perfect arches of thick hair above the eyes. Many struggles with thinning eyebrows or unappealing strays that grow in the wrong direction. How do you deal with this unfortunate situation? Read on to find out how to draw on eyebrows naturally with just a pencil!

What’s the best eyebrow pencil for natural-looking brows?

There are many different eyebrow pencils out there, and we understand it can be difficult to choose one that’s right for you. You don’t want something too harsh or too soft. The best eyebrow pencil for natural-looking brows is one that isn’t too thick or too dark. When choosing an eyebrow pencil, pay attention to the color. You want it to match your natural lip and eyebrow color. If the color is too light, it will stand out and look fake.

If it’s too dark, it’ll be impossible to cover up. Eyebrow pencils with a color close to your actual eyebrow color are ideal and blend easily. Additionally, you want to be sure the pencil is soft enough to draw on your brows without having to press too hard on your skin. The last thing you want to do is press too hard and break the tip of the pencil, creating a mess and a more difficult situation to clean up. If a pencil breaks inside the tube, it can be a challenge to get out.

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How to draw on eyebrows naturally with a pencil

First, use a spoolie or an eyebrow brush to comb your brows in the direction you want them to grow. This will help you see where your brows naturally want to go, and you can follow this pattern when you draw on your brows. Next, you’ll want to soften and clean up your brows with a brow gel or eyebrow gel. This will help hold your pencil in place and create a smooth, natural look.

Now it’s time to actually draw on your eyebrows with a pencil! Draw small, short strokes that follow the direction of your eyebrow hair. The shorter, lighter strokes will help make it look more realistic and natural. You don’t want to draw your brows too thick or too dark. For best results, make sure your brows are about the same thickness as your hairline above your brows.

If you’re looking to fill in holes or areas that are missing some hair, you may want to use a softer pencil with a light touch and a lighter hand. If you’re trying to darken your brows, try using a darker pencil and going over your brows a few times.

Tips for perfecting your eyebrows with a pencil

You can improve the look of your brows and make them appear more natural by following these tips and tricks.

  • First, you want to start with the shape of your brows. If your brows are too thick, they’ll look overdrawn and fake. If they’re too thin, they won’t look like your own brows at all. To find the right shape, look in the mirror and comb your brows in the direction you want them to grow.
  • Next, use a brow pencil that matches your natural lip and eyebrow color. Don’t go too light, or you’ll draw in brows that don’t look like your own. Don’t go too dark either, or you’ll have to spend a lot of time removing the pencil from your skin and making sure it’s completely gone.
  • Finally, don’t neglect the underneath of your brows. If you only focus on the top portion of your brows, they won’t look natural or even. Focus on filling in the underneath of your brows to create a fuller, more complete look.


Eyebrows are the first thing people look at when they meet you. Whether you like it or not, they can make or break your face. Yes, they’re that important. However, if your brows are too sparse or too thick, they can be difficult to manage. Fortunately, there is a solution. Eyebrow pencils are easy to use and come in a range of colors and thicknesses. Whether you want to add volume or just fill in some gaps, you can find a pencil that’s perfect for you.

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